Timeline for Planning a Wedding

Timeline for Planning a Wedding


Wedding Planning Timeline

From designing your wedding stationery to including a direction card in your invitations,新金莎ag官网Mixbook has you covered every step of the way.Organizing a wedding can sometimes feel a little like organizing a military coup,but we've been-there-done-that enough times to know how to dodge bullets and turn the operation into a fun and happy one.Here are some questions for you to design your wedding timeline:

• How do I let people know what to wear??

• My parents are divorced,whose name goes first on my invitation??

• My religious mother-in-law wants to throw me a bridal shower welcoming me to the faith,what does that look like??

• Only out-of-town guests are invited to the rehearsal dinner,is that okay??

No matter your question,新金莎ag官网Mixbook is ready to help take the stress out of calendaring,designing and executing your wedding extravaganza in every shape and form.


7–12 Months Ahead

This is the window of time during which it's ideal to let people know that you've gotten engaged.新金莎ag官网Mixbook helps set the stage from the start withsample engagement announcementsandsave the dates,which help guests plan ahead for your important event.Sending out Engagement Party Invitationsis also appropriate if friends or family want to celebrate this special stage.It's advised to start shopping forwedding invitation templatesandwedding thank you post新金沙ag官网cardsso you'll be ready to send out your invitations in just a few short months.Be sure to give your wedding timeline plenty of runway,so you can counter any delays or mishaps.


3–6 Months Ahead

Now is the time to start thinking aboutBridal ShowersandBachelorette Parties.新金莎ag官网Mixbook offers a plethora of invitations that friends and family can take advantage of as well as advice and etiquette tips that really make planning easy.Make sure you've picked your wedding Invitations and coordinating stationery by this point.新金莎ag官网Mixbook offers stylishrehearsal dinner invitationsas well.

2 Months Ahead

It's time tosend the invitations!新金莎ag官网Mixbook offers advice and styling on everything from your actual Wedding Invitation toResponse 新金沙ag官网Cards,Direction 新金沙ag官网Cards and Reception Cards.新金莎ag官网Mixbook also has your back with stylish Rehearsal Dinner invitations,which should go out in this same window of time.And if you've been putting off choosing your Thank You stationery,wait no longer – the gifts are about to start coming in if they haven't already.


After the Big Day

Hopefully your wedding timeline will offer you the right amount of time to get everything in order.Thank goodness you picked out the rightThank You stationery,right?新金莎ag官网Mixbook designs make sure your guests know how much you appreciate their generosity.Wedding Announcementscan also be sent out at this time,now that you've officially tied the knot!!

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Laura Blythman Design Collection

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